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    Vibratory Pile Driver

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    BY-VH250 Vibratory Pile Driver for Excavator

    Vibratory pile driving machines (also called vibratory hammers) use spinning counterweights to create a vibration, which causes a pile to “cut” into the soil below. While a traditional pile driver works like a hammer and a nail, a vibratory hammer works more like an electric knife cutting through meat. The high speed vibration causes the soil to give way, allowing the pile to slip easily into the ground.

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    √ Suitable for 18-22T excavator

    The efficient of vibration pile method is higher than other methods. It is mainly applied to steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile and long slender concrete precast pile within 8 meters. This pile driving method is the most suitable for working in sand and poorer effect in the clay which must select higher power model machines.

    Eccentric moment (Nm)40506585
    Frequency (Rpm)2800280028002800
    Excitation Force (Ton)36455875
    Weight of main body (Kg)1500220028003500
    Operating Pressure of oil system (Bar)280280300300
    Flow Demand for Hydraulic oil system (Lpm)155168210255
    Excavator (Ton)18-2223-3033-4040-65
    Max pile length (M)9131618

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