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    Vibratory Pile Driver
    The excavator piling machine can draw steel sheet pile,cement pile, rail pile, iron plate, H steel, steel pipe and wooden pile;the operation of pile driving and pile drawing is fast,and the pulling force needed is much less than that of other systems…
    Hydraulic Pile Breaker
    Hydraulic pile cutting machine (hydraulic pile cutting machine), high efficiency, low noise breaking pile; modularization, through the combination of different number of modules, the realization of the different diameter of the pile head; high cost performance, low operating cost, cost-effective completely close to foreign products...
    Hydraulic Earth Drill
    It is installed on the excavator and used for digging holes, leading holes and playing spiral piles.1) Hydraulic motor imported from the United States; 2) the substrate is not easy to deform; 3) High precision gear; 4) Two-stage reduction gear box; 5) Split output shaft; 6) Anti-swing cross bracket;
    Hydraulic Pulverizer
    It is installed on the excavator and used for crushing beams and concrete, taking out steel bars and demolition special excavator fittings 1)360 degree rotation; 2) Enveloped heavy pivot design, strong construction and long-term wear resistance; 3) High strength of knife holder; 4) Provide excellent shear resistance; 5) Blade can be easily removed and replaced without grinding welding;
    Hydraulic Shears
    It is installed on excavator and used for cutting steel bar and dismantling scrap car
    Hydraulic Compactor
    DLK series hydraulic vibration rammer in addition to the vibration force is obviously greater than the vibration of the plate rammer, the prominent characteristics are large amplitude, for the vibration of the plate rammer more than ten times to dozens of times, with impact pressing effect, filling thickness......
    Hydraulic Grapple
    The hydraulic grapple is one of the excavator's working devices. The hydraulic grapple is one of the excavator's working device accessories specially designed, developed and manufactured for the work needs of the excavator's transportation and finishing of stone bricks and other products. Beiyi machinery series rotary wood grabber adopts special steel, light in texture, high elasticity and high wear resistance
    Beiyi Lotus grab, using special steel, light texture, high wear resistance; At the same level, large grasping force, wide opening, small weight and large performance; The cylinder high pressure hose is built in to protect the hose;
    Excavator Quick Hitch
    Cab fitted with electronic drive system. By replacing the high cost of oil pressure with electricity, the production cost is saved. The operator can easily open and close the connector in the cab with a switch.
    Hydraulic Ripper
    1) Suitable for high strength steel plate manufacturing, easy to install, convenient to apply. 2) Suitable for loose hard soil, frozen soil, soft stone, weathered rock and other hard material, convenient for later operation.
    Excavator Ripper
    Ripper is a convertible breaking and scarifying Equipment.Excavator ripper has a more powerful cuting power. Excavator ripper is also called buckethook and bulldozer ripper called tailhook. General speaking ,ripper has just one tooth,while there also are double tooth ripper and triple tooth ripper .
    Sheel Bucket
    Used for digging foundation pit of building site, deep pit excavation and mud, sand, coal, crushed stone loading Particularly applied to excavate and load in ditch or on one side of restricted space.
    Orange Peel Grab
    Hydraulic Grab is a high efficient equipment to handle waste steel ,iron,mineral,rubbish or other irregular massive material which replace human under various conditions.
    Mechanical Pulverizer
    Installed in excavator, mechanical crushing of concrete, out of the steel recycling
    Hydraulic Pile Pulling Machine
    Similar products are currently using split pile pulling machine, and our company uses independent design of the integral structure of the construction method H-beam pile pulling machine, the overall lifting operation is simpler, spend less time......
    Hydraulic Breaker
    Beiyi hydraulic crushing hammer adopts scientific structure design, selection of special high-quality steel, assembly of better production and processing equipment, exquisite heat treatment and grinding technology, strict quality management; Longer service life, more powerful blow.
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