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    Hydraulic Pile Pulling Machine

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    BY-PM200DS 300-800mm H-beam pile extractor-H-beam pile pulling machine

    Working principle 
    H-beam pile extractor grip the pile head with its clip and hydraulic cylinder compulsory jacked pile clamping apparatus, make it rise up a certain distance, then pull out pile hop by hop. It is used in clay, sand or containing a small amount of gravel soil to pull out the i-beam pile or h-beam steel piles. 

    1.Similar products currently use separate pile drawing machine while our company use autonomous design one-piece structure hydraulic pile extractor. Integral lifting operation more easy and cost less time

    2.Suitable for 500mm-700mm h-beam piles and other commonly used specifications pulling operations. If you need to pull out 900mm h-beam piles, then it needs custom-made.

    3.BY-BZJ-500DS Hydraulic pile extractor, modern design, chassis removable. No matter how dense is the steel pile, it can also easily pull out.

    4.BY-BZJ-700LS Hydraulic pile extractor, design is more human nature, efficient. Equipped with double oil-saving cylinder, it has the function of regulating speed and can save more time. Wireless remote control, easy to learn.


    Engineering application scope

    H-beam hydraulic pile extractor is mainly used in municipal construction, pipe laying, engineering, sewage treatment, supporting the construction of tunnel. Recycle the H-beam steel piles to reduce the disposable of h-beam piles and reduce construction cost. The whole machine can adapt narrow space and insufficient space on the top of site.



    Nominal working
    Rated pile
    drawing force
    H-beam specificationMax.FlowMax.clamping force

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