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    Mechanical Pulverizer

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    BY200-300 Mechanical pulverizer

    Suitable for 20-40T excavators——
    Product introduction

    Pulverizer is the most convenient and efficient machine tool in dismantling equipments. Such pulverizer has powerful crushing ability and can decompose reinforced concrete quickly. It is used specialized in tearing down apartment buildings and workshop beams. Pulverizer has huge size saw teeth and strengthen the concave tooth design in occlusal surface; using the binder dent to crush material to achieve the effect of completely crushed.


    Product Advantage

    Pulverizer can quickly decompose reinforced concrete into recyclable resource. It can not only greatly reduce construction waste operating costs to achieve on average, each floor can separate tons of steel and iron but create additional revenue for demolition projects.

    Pulverizer is easy to operate and usually common staff just needs half a day to get start, which quickly becomes the most effective tools. Just three days needed compared with one week before to decompose project and the project time is shortened more than 50% which greatly reduced the operating costs.

    Mechanical crushing apparatus, using excavator forearm cylinder for opening and closing, has low vibration and low noise (reduced more than 20% than broken hammer). It can meet the current low noise standard of city construction. The crushing structure way is under the standard of low noise, which becomes the necessary tool in non-vibration demolition project in industrial park.

    (Noise test values is 79db 15 meters away the working area, vibration noise value is 52db) Pure mechanical design helps you to save previous purchase fee and late maintenance costs.

    Strong can crush large pieces of concrete
    Secondary operation can shatter materials more fine
    Using in demolition site, recycling steel, recycled concrete





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