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    Hydraulic Ripper

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    BY-HR350 Hydraulic ripper-vibro ripper

    Suitable for 24-30T excavators——

    Product Introduction

    Hydraulic ripper is a physical crushing equipment that its set mechanical hydraulic mechanics,
    and digital signals, digital surveillance as a whole. The knife tooth of ripper can be have a impact
    on object (target detritus) to broke under the action of the exciter. The excavator hydraulic
    energy can be passed to the hydraulic motor to produces vibration of eccentric gear in the
    rotation,And then generate centrifugal force F,The vertical component F sin wt is the periodic
    change of disturbing force,Make the shaft of the radial forced vibration stress,called exciting
    force. Then,By the vibration exciter cabinet will be passed to the bucket teeth crushing operations.
    The Crushing principle is different from the piston hammer,has more obvious in the field of use.

    Hydraulic ripper is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving knapper. It works without noise
    pollution and has no impact on excavator hydraulic system.
    Beiyi Machinery is a high tech enterprises with high frequency hydraulic ripper production capacity.
    The products we research and developed is strength, high efficiency, strong and durable. From the very beginning this equipment is only promoted for mining and other mining environment but due to its low maintenance frequency, low loss, low noise and high efficiency of energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, it gradually began to enter into the urbanization construction field. In some developed areas in eastern Europe have gradually started to replace broken role in urban construction.


    1. Low loss 

    2. easy operation

    3. High efficiency

    4. Low noise, 50-75db

    5. Output increase 3-5 times

    6. increased operator's comfort

    7. Marine/underwater operation

    8. Low frequency of maintenance

    9. Less emissions per unit of production
    10. saving energy and protecting environment

    11. Less fuel consumption per unit of production

    12. the economic alternative of "Drilling and blasting operations,"

    1.The core part of this equipment is completely closed and is driven by high speed anti-knock
    motor. Hydraulic oil just go through motor while not core box, so that metal grinding loss of dirt may not go to the excavator body, so will not be black oil and oil leak.
    2.Hydraulic ripper work characteristics is single point contact drive around, that is to say when make a point of the surrounding soil or ore also being destroyed. This is the reason of having the effect of secondary crushing and high efficiency.
    3.Hydraulic ripper has low loss. Due to the design of the oil is only input and one output, itself nearly has no loss of hydraulic oil, also on the stock just tip of bucket teeth.
    4.The structure of hydraulic ripper is reasonable, there are damping rubber at the top and sides. In this regard has reduced 80% vibratory force, so under the condition of damping rubber is normal there is nearly no damage on excavator.
    5. The biggest advantage of hydraulic ripper is repair and maintenance. In addition to regularly changing lubricating oil of core box, it basicly don't need maintenance. Wear parts enclose gear, rubber, bucket tooth, bearing and wear parts replacemen frequency is only 20%-25% of the ordinary knapper.

    Operating principle

    Hydraulic ripper has changed the traditional working principle of reciprocating piston type. It use the destructive power produced by high speed running to make the target damage become half of liquefaction state for destruction. Its reasonable damping structure and mature hydraulic system, better protect the excavator arm and the whole hydraulic system in the construction. Due to high sealing ability of its core parts, hydraulic ripper can easily finish underwater broken homework under the condition of not modified.
    At the same time relative to traditional knapper, it avoid the oil leak, black oil, replace the oil seal, liner, piston, flat pin etc. daily maintenance work and spending. In respect of loss, hydraulic ripper only need to replace the lubricating oil tank(When the lubricating oil emulsion) when necessary. While in daily work, just need to change special teeth at the tip. On special condition, common excavator teeth can also be emergency used in a short time. In the aspect of material, just need to replace 1/5 or 1/10 parts of the traditional knapper drill rod, more comply with the concept of green environmental protection.   

     Vibro Ripper is a new generation attachments developed and manufactured to effectively excavate, crush and destroy the soft rock mass such as rocks weathered by wind and water, hard soil, skate, quartz, concrete and limestone etc.

       Hydraulic ripper

    Hydraulic ripper

    Model BY-HR350

    Hydraulic excavator (tons)
    Mass of ripper(incl. top bracket)(kg)3300
    Mass of ripper(less top bracket)(kg)2800
    Hydraulic working pressure(MPa)22-24
    Hydraulic return pressure(MPa)0.6
    Hydraulic oil flow(L/min)180
    Case drain max. pressure(MPa)0.4
    Dimensions L × W × H(cm)280×85×160
    Accumulator pressure(MPa)0.5

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