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    Excavator Quick Hitch

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    BYLK60/65 Quick hitch-mini excavator quick hitch

    Quick hitch

    Suitable for 9-19T excavators——


    -Electronic drive system is installed in the cab,the expensive hydraulic pressure is replaced by the electric power,which saves the cost from the production. Operators in the cab can easily turn on and turn off the quick hitch through the switch.

    -Check valve Protection System:each cylinder installed safety check valve ensures that quick hitch coupler can work when the oil circuit and the circuit is cut off.

    -Safety Pin Protection System:security protection is customized for each excavator according to the different parameters.

    In the case of the failure of cylinder ,quick hitch coupler can work regularly.

    It is installed on the excavator for use. The fast connector can quickly install and switch various configuration parts (bucket, ripper, breaking hammer, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, can expand the scope of use of the excavator, and can save time, improve the efficiency.

    Quick hitch

    Quick hitch

    Quick hitch


    ModelBYLK 60/BYLK 65
    Overall Length(Mm)765
    Overall Height(Mm)388
    Overall Width(Mm)353-436
    Pin to Pin Center Distance(Mm)380-420
    Forearm Open Width(Mm)232-315
    Retractable Distance of Oil Cylinder(Mm)340-486
    Top to Bottom Pin Distance(Mm)220
    Pin Diameter(Mm)60-70
    Working Pressure(Kg/m240-380
    Required Oil Flow(L/min)10-20
    Suitable Excavator(Ton) 9-19

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