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    Hydraulic Shears

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    BYCS 250RT Hydraulic Shear

    Suitable For 20-30T Excavator

    Product features and details

    1.Jaw size and replaceable blade design to improve productivity.All olecranon scissors can be quickly and easily changed blades,which can reduce machine  downtime and optimize productivity.
    2.The powerful hydraulic cylinder strengthens the closing force of the jaw mouth so that it can cut hard steel.
    3.Anti-corrosion treatment and waterproof design.
    4.The olecranon shear series products are made of solid steel,which ensures the strength and wear resistance of the tool.
    5.Mature welding method and process splicing steel plate structure,reinforcing the rib plate in many ways,aiming to reduce the twisting or bending of any side.

    Alloy blade
    9 pieces of replaceable blades,sharp edge,wear-resistant,smooth incision,no burr.

    The high-pressure oil cylinder strengthens the closing force of the jaw so that it can cut hard steel.

    Rotating disc
    360° bidirectional rotation,flexible operation.

    In order to meet various construction needs and solve the problems of single type of equipment,low efficiency and high cost on the market,Beiyi Machinery focuses on the development of a variety of dismantling tools to make construction one step faster!

    Beiyi hydraulic olecranon shears are suitable for different working conditions,including demolition of steel structure,processing of scrap steel,car demolition,aircraft demolition,ship demolition,cutting iron materials,H steel,tanks,pipes,cables,automobiles,airplanes,etc.,with more production capacity and more profit.

    ModuleTotal Weight
    Total Length
    Opening Width
    Max Oil Pressure(Mpa)Hydraulic Excavator(T)Length*Width*Height(mm)

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