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    Hydraulic Shears

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    BYKS Series Mechanical Shear

    Product Features And Details

    1.After years of technical precipitation ,the tenth-generation products are constantly being developed and updated,which makes the scissors very mature and has a very low failure rate.
    2.Alloy blade,available on multiple sides,easy to replace.Use the excavator arm cylinder for opening and closing,low noise,simple installation,light weight and easy operation.
    3.Small size,light weight and flexible operation,it is a boon for users of micro excavators.
    4.This type of scissors pursues high cost performance.Based on development and improvement of hydraulic olecranon scissors,the price is relatively lower than that of hydraulic olecranon scissors in the market.

    Alloy blade
    Using high-toughness and high-strength steel to cut iron like mud,no need for gringing and welding,it can be easily disassembled and replaced,optimizing productivity and obtaining more profits for customers.

    Well-designed spindle with strong performance and longer life.Bolted and embedded in the tool tip and the lower jaw.

    Fuselage shell
    Mature welding method and process splicing steel plate structure,reinforcing rib plate in many ways,designed to reduce twisting or bending on any side.

    Support customization
    Choose what you need

    In order to meet various construction needs and solve the problems of single type of equipment,low efficiency and high cost on the market,Beiyi Machinery focuses on the development of a variety of dismantling tools to make construction one step faster!

    Hydraulic shears
    Hydraulic double cylinder shears
    Car dismantling
    Road track shear
    Mechanical shears

    Beiyi mechanical olecranon continues the advantages of hydraulic olecranon.It has a large opening and ,nine replaceable blades.The body is small and can be used for steel recycling work of small excavators need.


    Total Length
    Max Opening Width
    Hydraulic Excavator

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