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    Hydraulic Shears

    BY-CS60RT/150RT/250RT/350RT/450RT Hydraulic Shear
    Product features and details1.Jaw size and replaceable blade design to improve productivity.All olecranon scissors can be quickly and easily changed blades,which can reduce machine  downtime and optimize productivity.2.The powerful hy...
    BY-KS200/BY-KS250 Mechanical Shear
    Product Features And Details1.After years of technical precipitation ,the tenth-generation products are constantly being developed and updated,which makes the scissors very mature and has a very low failure rate.2.Alloy blade,available o...
    BY-MTK150D/200D Road Track Shear
    Product features and details1.The movable blade structure has a built-in falt spring,so that the movable blade and the fixed blade are closely combined to maintain a good cutting force,which is suitable for various scrap metal recycling.2...
    BY-DS650RT/BY-DS850RT Hydraulic Double Cylinder Shear
    Product features and details1.High efficiency,large opening,flexible and convenient 360-degree rotation adjustment2.The cylinder protective sleeve is easy to disassemble and install3.Double-section high-pressure oil cylinder is more effic...

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